Q: How long should I take the product before I notice results?

A: Vitality Lifestyle was designed to bridge the gap between what nutrients GOD intended you to have in your daily diet to function at maximum levels of health and wellness and what you actually get from your standard American diets.  So it is recommended to be taken daily. Many people notice a feeling of well-being, energy, better mood, and more mental clarity in the 1st few days.  But the positive effects of this formula are cumulative and should get better as time goes on. Good nutrition always makes good sense and the majority of our customers report that they will take it for their entire lifetime.

Q: Can Children take Vitality Lifestyle?

A: Many do, but we always recommend that you to consult with your physician. Some children that are pre-puberty (around 12 or less) might have HGH imbalances that could hinder the use of this formula.

Q: Can senior citizens Take Vitality Lifestyle?

A: Yes and we have many great testimonials from seniors and good nutrition makes sense for everyone.. Always check with your health care professional.

Q: Can pregnant or lactating women take this product?

A: Many do, but again we always recommend that you consult with your physician. Taking any supplement is always a greater risk during pregnancy and using extreme caution is good advice. If there is any question at all, do not take it.

Q: Can I still take my other vitamins, herbs and supplements?

A: That is and question based upon individual needs.  Yes, you can other supplements and Vitality Lifestyle can actually enhance the effectiveness of other nutrients.  But remember that Vitality Lifestyle is a food and herbal based formula that provides hundreds of necessary nutrients your body needs every day! You may find that after a period of time on the product, you can cut some of the other supplements back because of your results. There have been no reported adverse interactions at all.

Q: Can I take Vitality Lifestyle with other medications?

A: Please consult with your physician because we are not allowed to make those kinds of decisions. There have been no adverse side effects with prescriptions or medicines to our knowledge, but every person is different. Remember, Vitality Lifestyle is a food supplement. If you do take prescription drugs, just try to take them at a different time so that you do not decrease the effectiveness of Vitality Lifestyle.

Q: Are there any harmful stimulants?

A: NO!!! Vitality Lifestyle is stimulant free and all Natural.

Q: Why is Vitality Lifestyle so expensive?

A: Actually it’s not. If you were to purchase all of these powerful ingredients separately, you would spend from $180 to $300 by combining these ingredients together, you not only create a synergistic formula, but it is also more economical. Another important thing to remember is that Vitality Lifestyle is formulated as a liquid for better absorption. It would take about 15 pills, gel caps, capsules and liquids to equal 1 tablespoon of Vitality Lifestyle.

Q: I am a vegetarian. Can I take Vitality Lifestyle?

A: That is up to you. However, it is important to know that there is no beef or meat by-products in our product because the collagen is hydrolyzed (pre-digested) which leaves only the pure amino acids to be utilized the body.

Q: Why do I sleep so much better after taking Vitality Lifestyle?

A: It’s very simple. Vitality Lifestyle is very high in useable proteins (amino acids) which help balance many neurological functions in the brain including sleep patterns.

Q: Is Vitality Lifestyle FDA approved?

A: No and neither is Vitamin C. The FDA approves and promotes pharmaceutical drugs and synthetic chemicals. They do not get involved with all natural nutritional products like ours. Aren’t you glad? It is produced in an FDA approved facility.

Q: How do I take Vitality Lifestyle?

A: There is no set way to enjoy the many health benefits of Vitality Lifestyle. Many people take the product first thing in the morning or right at bedtime depending on their schedule. Just make sure your stomach is empty because you will absorb it more efficiently. It will not hurt you in any way to take it with a meal but it’s harder to get these nutrients into your body that way.

Q: Is Vitality Lifestyle all natural?

A: Yes! It is all natural from the major ingredients to the food grade preservatives. It is completely safe with no harmful stimulants or side effects!

Q: Can people with health problems take Vitality Lifestyle?

A: Absolutely, and that was one of the main reasons it was formulated. We get incredible testimonies daily from all over the country. You can check some of them out right here on our website. Anyone with a serious medical condition should always consult with his or her physician before starting any supplement or product.

Q: Do athletes and fitness professionals take Vitality Lifestyle?

A: Definitely!! Not only is it an excellent product for general wellness, it has many nutrients that can enhance performance naturally and safely. Some of the nutrients have been shown to increase energy, stamina and performance and actually help transport glucose to the muscle cell as well as help cut recovery time in half. Many athletes take before and directly after workouts and competitions.

Q: What does hydrolyzed collagen mean?

A: It means pre-digested or micronized. To make it more understandable, we take the proteins in their full form and enzymatically break them down into smaller peptides (size) in order to penetrate the villa in the small intestines. With protein it’s not quantity but quality. That’s one of the reasons Vitality Lifestyle works so effectively.

Q: What is the shelf life of Vitality Lifestyle?

A: About 2 years un-opened (un-used) and about 90 days if already opened. Please refrigerate after opening for freshness.

Q: What if I am getting symptoms when I first start taking Vitality Lifestyle?

A: That can actually be a good sign and may be a natural detox. Even though this happens very rarely, some people do experience a mild detoxification or cleansing process. This means that the concentrated nutrients in Vitality Lifestyle are starting to work on the weak areas of the body. In some cases a person will feel a little sick for a few days until the toxins are eliminated from the body. If this does happen, do not stop taking the product, just cut your dose back slightly until your body is adjusted to the formula. And increase your water intake .Then you can increase back to higher doses for optimal results.

Q: Why are the ingredients on the label not listed in their amounts in the supplement fact section?

A: One main reason. Confidentiality of a proprietary liquid formula that is now protected by certain labeling laws. Simply put, we do not want anyone to know the percentage of ingredients we are using because of fraudulent companies trying to duplicate Vitality Lifestyle. We have the best interests of our distributors in mind and this gives our company and associates the utmost protection.

Q: Can it be uses externally?

A: Yes because the 200:1 Aloe Vera Gel EXTRACT is very concentrated and powerful. Many people use it on minor burns, cuts and skin challenges. We always recommend that you consult your Health Care professional first.

Q: What about pets?

A: We have many amazing pet stories on file from our customers ranging from cats, dogs, birds, and even horses. Good nutrition always makes sense.

Q: Do Doctors and Health Professionals approve Vitality Lifestyle?

A: Yes we have 100’s of Doctors and Health Professionals that use and recommend to their patients and report amazing results. However Vitality Lifestyle is not intended to diagnose, treat, heal or cure any disease.

Q: Why should I take Vitality Lifestyle?

A: Everyone realizes that our diets are lacking in many LIFESTYLE nutrients and many are suffering from what we call Overconsumptive Malnutrition and as a nation we overfed and undernourished. We eat large quantities of processed foods, factory foods and fast foods that are laden with preservatives, chemicals, herbacides, pesticides and many times grown in mineral deficient soils, gassed, irradiated and even genetically modified. So it is common sense to supplement your diet to maximize nutrition. Our formula is a fully functional future food designed to provide the Lifestyle nutrients that may be deficient in your diet in a concentrated liquid form that is simple, safe and natural.

Q: How long has Vitality Lifestyle been around?

A: This amazing formula has been around for over 20 years and has blessed thousands of lives across the country and around the world.

Q: What about weight loss?

A: Vitality Lifestyle is a combination of nutrients designed to enhance your body’s ability to convert hidden calories into useable energy. At the same time Vitality Lifestyle decreases the chances of those carbohydrates and fats not utilized for immediate energy from being further stored in the body as fat by naturally inhibiting those processes necessary for fat storage. Many nutrients in the formula support fat loss while enhancing lean muscle. Many people report losing fat and inches very quickly. It is important to focus on inch loss more than weight loss as muscle weighs more than fat.

Q: Why does the formula vary in color and appearance from time to time?

A: Since our formulas are all natural (there are not artificial ingredients and no artificial flavors) the color and appearance of the formulas can slightly change from time to time because of the different harvesting times throughout the year of our all natural herbs and plant ingredients.  Here is a good example.  If you go the grocery store to buy red apples….are they always the same exact color red every time you go? Of course not.

Q: What is the dosage for children and pets?

A: Children and pets can take the product, but we always recommend that you to consult with your physician or veterinarian. Some children that are pre-puberty (around 12 or less) might have HGH imbalances that could hinder the use of this formula.  If approved by your doctor, children under the age of 12 can take ½ the recommended adult dose.  Pets can take ¼ teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight.